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Protect Your Business.

1.618 Financial Services are registered brokers for Discovery Life, Liberty Life, Momentum, Sanlam and Altrisk.

Business Assurance
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Business Risk Cover.

We offer Business Assurance through a complete range of solutions designed to protect you from unexpected life events to negligence and embezzlement claims.

Buy & Sell Arrangements.

Ensure your family receives what is due to them and that the rights of the business is divided equally with protection from ownership battles should you die or become disabled.

Key Person Assurance.

Remain protected should you or an employee you rely on to engage with clients or suppliers and fulfil certain skill sets, die or become disabled.

1.618 Financial Services.

Can help you protect your business and ensure its growth with our specialised packages and benefits.

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Business Assurance.

Having a legal Will that is up to date and kept safe is vital for ensuring your wishes are granted upon your death. Receive a free Will via Our Legacy Protection Plan™ as well as essential fiduciary services from as little as R35 a month.


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The Perfect Ratio. The Perfect Financial Institution. From Short Term Insurance to Investments and Estate Administration, 1.618 Advisory Services is here to help clients live the Perfect Life.

Ensure Peace of Mind for Your Future. From Medical Aid and Business Assurance to Investments and Retirement Planning, 1.618 Financial Services is here to help clients secure their wealth.

Strategy + 1.618 = Protection Guaranteed. From Car, Household and General Insurance to Business and Commercial Insurance, 1.618 Short Term Solutions is here to help clients live their lives risk-free.

With the UK Branch of 1.618, Discover Your Perfect Health to Wellness Ratio. From Investments to Health Insurance and Life Cover, 1.618 Advisory UK is here to help clients live happy, healthy lives.

Medical consultations with our qualified medical team of consultants, who are here to discuss your wellness concerns, help you manage any existing medical conditions and keep potential problems in check.

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